Homework/ Classwork/ Test

Dear parents ,

I am sending you week two assignments for the students to complete.

Please do the assignments daily and send a picture to me on my ClassDojo. 

I will be doing on-line teaching. I will send the link for your sons and daughters to join.

You have done great for the first week.


5th Grade

Religion: https://quizlet.com/443187676/test- please use that link to take the test- you can check your answers -; Link # 2-https://quizlet.com/443187676/write-this link is to practice

print test and send me a picture

textbook- page 23 

Read We Gather – answer the question; Read we Believe – highlight the important fact

Write a summary in notebook

Math: Classwork – Textbook page 72 # 4-15 notebook

            Homework- Workbook page 53

Science: read page 20-21; go to the diagram on page 18

to see that neither hemisphere is tilted toward or away 

from the sun at the March equinox.

page 20- #1 Why are temperatures becoming warmer 

in the Northern Hemisphere around the March equinox?

#2 What season begins in the March equinox?

#3 What might the March equinox be like if Earth was not tilted?

#4 Why are noon shadows shorter at this time?

Look at the caption on page 20- describe what is happening 

in the Southern Hemisphere at the March equinox.

page 21- look at the diagram on page 18 to see how Earth 

is tilted at the June solstice.

*The June solstice marks the beginning of summer in the 

Northern Hemisphere.

#5 Why does the Northern Hemisphere have its warmest temperature 

at this time?

Write the questions in notebook and answer them.


Math: Classwork – Textbook Page 73 # 16-35 Notebook

             Homework- Workbook page 54

https://www.mathworksheetsland.com/topics/multiplication/4digit/ip.pdf- please use this link to complete the math worksheets


Religion: page 124

Read We gather- answer the question

Read we believe- highlight the important facts – write a summary { notebook}

Math: workbook page 261


https://www.khanacademy.org/math/basic-geo/basic-geometry-shapes/basic-geo-quadrilaterals/v/quadrilateral-overview -please use the link to watch video


Math Workbook: page 262


Religion:  read page 125 ; highlight the important facts;

write a summary; copy the key word in notebook; 

complete we respond

Math Textbook: pages 348-349

copy the vocabulary  words and meanings – highlight the words

complete # 1-7 notebook

Practice mathletic make a video of yourself

send it in classdojo


4th Grade


Math:  https://www.khanacademy.org/math/arithmetic/arith-review-multiply-divide/arith-review-multi-digit-mult/v/4-digit-times-1-digit-example – please use that link 

to watch the video before completing classwork and homework;

Classwork- Math Textbook: page 97 # 7-14 notebook

Homework- workbook: page 69


Math: Classwork- Textbook page 97 # 15-29 notebook        —–      https://www.mathworksheetsland.com/4/distributive/work1.pd use this link to complete the worksheet

 Homework- workbook: page 70


Watch this video for science- Properties of Minerals/Magnetism

read pages 66-67

Answer the following questions:

  1. What are four other properties of minerals

  2. Look at the photo of Mica- How do you know mica has cleavage?

  3. Some minerals are magnetic. they attract materials that have iron in them.

How would you investigate to find out if a mineral is magnetic?

  • Write a brief paragraph that discusses which mineral properties 

would be easiest to determine with little or no equipment. ( notebook)

Math workbook: page 253


Math Workbook: page 254


Math Textbook: page 340 # 1-5

Practice Mathletics  make a video of yourself  send it in ClassDojo