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Week of 11/18- 11/22

6th Grade


Monday: read “Iraq” and complete Studies Weekly crossword puzzle  

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday: Studies weekly: “Let’s Write” Please write it in you notebook.

Thursday: Play on Mesopotamia

Friday: Mesopotamia test 


7th grade 

Monday: read handout on One Note! 

Tuesday: in class worksheet  outline on readings 

Wednesday: Create a concept web. Label the main oval “Religion.” Then, add entries that show how religion played a major role in the settling of the New England Colonies. Add as many secondary ovals as necessary….. Add at least 6 ovals!!!

Thursday:  TBA

Friday: Chapter 3, Section 2 vocabulary quiz 


8th Grade

Monday: read links on OneNote 

Tuesday: in class activity based on readings 

Wednesday: Beginning creating your city! Resources and information are found on OneNote..

HW: “Life in the city is more rewarding than life outside a city.” List two or three arguments in favor of this opinion and two or three arguments opposing this opinion.

Thursday: TBA

Friday: Chapter 18, section 3 vocabulary quiz


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