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Week of 01/13- 01/17

Dear parents, there are instances in which students are assigned readings found on OneNote. It is ideal for the students to enter my class prepared with the readings.

6th Grade

Lesson: Ancient Egypt Mummies 

Monday:  Write sentences for vocabularies:

  hieroglyphics, embalm, fertile land, embalmer, monument, inscription, sarcophagus

Tuesday: No homework! Today, we will mummify an apple!!!

Wednesday: Learn Hieroglyphics. Go on One Note and under the Handout section, click on Links to Ancient Egypt and click on learn hieroglyphics. You may write your name or writing a saying on your color paper which was handed out in class!

Thursday: TBA

Friday: No school 

7th grade 

Lesson: Colonial Life

Chapter 4, section 2 vocabularies:

  • Extended family: a family that includes, in addition to the parents and their children, other members such as grandparents aunts, uncles, and cousins
  • Apprentices: someone who learns a trade by working for someone in that trade for a certain period of time
  • Gentry: the upper class of colonial society 
  • Middle class: a class made up of small planters, independent farmers, and artisans
  • Indentured servants: someone who signed a contract to work from 4 to 10 years in the colonies for anyone who would pay for his or her ocean passage to the Americas

Monday: 7A: sentences for Chapter 4, section 2 vocabularies  

Tuesday: No homework: lesson: how was colonial life? What did women do? men? children?

Wednesday: Work on Chapter 4 Section 1 quiz on One Note! Due at 11:30

Thursday: TBA

Friday: No school 


8th Grade

Lesson: The Progressive Presidents 


Here are some videos to watch! 

Chapter 19 Section 1 vocabularies:

  • Theodore Roosevelt: first Progressive President; formed the Progressive Party 
  • Trust-buster: a person who works to destroy monopolies and trusts 
  • Conservation: the protection of natural resources 
  • National park: natural area protected and managed by the federal government
  • William Howard Taft: President who supported many reforms but lost Progressive support.
  • Woodrow Wilson: Progressive President who promoted the New Freedom program

Monday: Work on your group’s presidential presentation 

Tuesday: Write sentences for Section 2 vocabularies 

Wednesday: TBA

Thursday: TBA

Friday: No school 

8B Grade Homeroom


Ring money due January 15th!

Baby pictures, for yearbook, due January 8th

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