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Week of 03/16

Dear parents, 

Because of COVID-19, we will be doing distance learning. This means that your child will be learning at home. I will be providing daily lessons on Teams. Your children should have this app. On Teams I will be communicating with the students. They will be working on assignments, quizzes and watching PowerPoints. If they have any questions, I will answer them through Teams. 

Where can I find my child’s daily/weekly assignments? 

Well, the assignments can be found on the Teams App. Once your child clicks on my Social Studies class, there will be a tab which says “Home.” There is where I will be posting daily/weekly assignments. 

Is there a deadline for the assignments?

Yes. Everyday there will be a 3pm deadline for all the assignments given out. 

How about attendance?

Attendance will be counted for. Every day the students must sign in for attendance at 8:30 AM 

6th Grade


Lesson: Ancient Greece 

Monday: TBA

Tuesday: Read “From slavery to Freedom” found in OneNote under handouts. 

Wednesday: TBA

Thursday: Work on assignment found on Microsoft teams. You are to read article, then answer questions found at the bottom of the website. 

Friday: Ancient Israel Quiz.

7th grade 

Lesson: Chapter 5, lesson 2

Monday: Write 2 paragraphs on vocabularies

Tuesday: TBA

Wednesday:  Colonial Occupation Project.

Thursday: Boston Massacre: Write facts for a journal perspective, or a newspaper article of what happened

Friday: TBA


8th Grade

Lesson: Chapter 20 

Monday: Read “The Story of Seward’s Folly” and answer questions #1-2 either on tablet or Notebook 

Tuesday: In class, we will work on the difference between imperialism and isolationism 

Wednesday: Section 3 mini quiz

Thursday: Finish working on chapter 20 study guide 

Friday: Study Chapter 20 test! Test on Monday!

8B Grade Homeroom


8th Grade Fundraiser: Please bring weekly snacks to sell for our fundraisers!!! 

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