Parent Notice October 6, 2020

School Closed:

Monday, October 12th, school is closed in observance of Columbus Day.


Rosary Month: 

October is the month of the Holy Rosary.  This week we have started praying the Angelus school-wide (GradesK-8).  This tradition was initiated last year by our beloved Father Jorge and we will keep with this tradition in his honor and love for the Blessed Mother.  Tomorrow is the Diocese Rosary Rally we will participate by praying the rosary here in the school and throughout the month of October.  The younger grades will do an abbreviated version of the rosary.  All in grades K-8th will receive a rosary blessed by one of the priest of the parish.  We hope that you at home will also continue to pray with your children especially now during these uncertain times.


Trimester 1 Progress Reports

Progress reports will be available to view on Option C for students in grades K-8th on Tuesday October 27, 2020.  Reporting student progress occurs throughout the year and takes place in numerous forms.  The purpose of the progress report is to enable family and student to understand the student’s achievement at various times throughout the year and know what is required for future progress.  Next Tuesday all parents and students will receive their Option C Username and Passwords.  Please note Progress Reports and Report Cards are ONLY available to view when logged in as a parent.



Tardiness is becoming a problem.  It is your responsibility to make sure your child arrives to school on time.  Lateness causes disturbance to the class that is already in session.  All students in grades K-8th must be in their classroom by 8:00 am. Lateness’s are being recorded and you will see them listed on your child’s Report Cards.


2:30 Extended Day Classes:

A gentle reminder although the students are dismissed at 1:30 the school day ends at 3:00 PM.  Please make sure your child is logging into their Google Classroom at 2:30 and completing their school work.


Title 1 Classes:

The Title 1 program for grades 1-8 began yesterday the company that provides this program is called Brienza Academic Advantage.   If you filled out the survey that was sent out last month and your child qualifies for the program, you were sent an email from Brienza explaining how to login to their program which is called itutor.  The email from Brienza was sent to your child’s school email address.  Currently the itutor app is not downloadable on the school’s iPads we are trying to get permission to be able to have itutor installed.  Hopefully it can be done by the end of the week.  Meanwhile the students are able to access itutor on any personal device you may have at home.


World’s Finest Chocolate:

For those who chose to donate, you will see those charges added to your FACTS Tuition accounts. For all those families that did not respond and complete a Google form, you will have the donation amount added to your Facts tuition account as well.